March 16, 2017

AccSoft Accounting

Codeless Accounting Software Solution

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AccSoft Accounting
Key Features

AccSoft Accounting is a powerful, easy to use, codeless, online, multi – user, multi – currency, multi – location, multi – company Accounting Software with options to integrate with our suite of in-house products. Furnished below are the key highlights of AccSoft Accounting Software

  • Codeless Accounting AccSoft Accounting eliminates the need for codes. The accounts and Groups are identified with their names, which the user enters. For example: “Purchases” will be identified as “Purchases” only and not by “004-243-1120”. This concept in reality eliminates the need to remember cumbersome codes during Data Entry or Queries, which leads to increased speed of operations and efficiency. Having said this, you can also work with codes if you wish.

  • Accounts Tree/Chart of Accounts – Introduction of the Accounts tree in windows with several unique features is in itself an innovation by AccSoft. Using this Chart of Accounts, the user can classify the accounts into a system of TREE structure with un-limited levels using which the user can get information at any level, with one touch of a key or a mouse click. Most of the flexibility and MIS options are made possible mainly due to this Drill-Down-TREE concept. Navigating the tree is child’s play!!! What’s more, the tree can grow both horizontally and vertically!!

  • Templates – Another new concept is transaction templating. Repetitive accounts voucher entry (i.e., vouchers having the same accounts but different amounts etc.,) has been made simpler and faster using this new concept.

  • Powerful Drill down facility – The powerful tree query can give the user detailed information starting from any level on the tree upto a specific voucher or the source document!! It shows the closing balances for all accounts and groups (automatically summarized) and proceeds to drill down from the tree, current balance sheet or current profit & loss to the sub – level balances – to the monthly balances – to the daily balances – to the specified voucher entry.

  • Real-time accounting – AccSoft is a true real-time application, which keeps all the queries and reports ready with the latest data, upto the last posted voucher. This means that data is updated right up to the Balance sheet, P&L, trial balance, etc as soon as any voucher is entered. Any correction made for any of the vouchers on any date (back dated) will be automatically updated and passed on to all queries and reports instantaneously. The change is of course subject to permissions..

  • Unlimited Multi – company – In AccSoft, the user can create as many companies as per the user’s requirements. There are no limits on the number of companies that the user can create and operate. Each company however, is an independent legal entity with its own Balance Sheet, P&L, etc.

  • No limit on the number of classifications – There are no limits on the number of classifications to the groups/ sub-groups / accounts created by the user.

  • Bill wise allocation – The receivable/payable modules of AccSoft will allow the user to handle bill wise allocation of Sales and Purchases with receipts and payments and even advances paid and received respectively. This includes part-payments as well. This facility can be used not only for debtors and creditors but also for accounts like accruals, loan accounts or for any account on the Tree!!! Bills can also be allocated on a FIFO, LIFO or user’s preferences.

  • PDC Handling – PDC- Post Dated Cheques as the name indicates is an automated feature in AccSoft wherein, any payments and receipts through cheques will automatically update the PDC module. The user can then post these cheques to the respective banks on maturity just by clicking a key!!! What’s more, the system will automatically generate a Journal Voucher to reverse the entry between the PDC account and bank account and one can allocate bills even at this stage. Current cheques, Post-dated cheques and Returned/Bounced cheques are handled date wise /bank wise and customer/supplier wise.

  • Batch Processing – A user could be logged-in as a batch mode operator. This means that any vouchers/transactions that this user enters will remain in a batch to be posted. These vouchers will become a part of the mainstream accounting only when the supervisor logs-in and chooses to post these batches after verification.

  • Transaction Documents – Transaction documents viz all voucher printouts, details of bill wise allocation and printing of cheques and vouchers with your company logo are handled in real-time.

  • Bank Reconciliation – The bank-reconciliation process is very simple in AccSoft. Just choose the bank, the period and reconcile from a list of voucher entries which have already been entered against the chosen bank and AccSoft does the rest for the user!!! The user can even insert records into the reconciliation. You have to just choose the bank, and click on the voucher amounts tallying with your bank statement. The reconciliation is done. It is that simple!!

  • Real-time Updations – Whatever report taken as on the current date will represent the actual position of the accounts on the date i.e. the data updating is done automatically by AccSoft.

  • Security – Security of data is very critical. AccSoft provides multiple user creation, passwords and privileges for them in a company wise manner. The supervisor has the authority to grant or revoke rights and access permissions to these users. It is possible to provide user privileges like ‘Access only’, ‘Add new’, ‘modify’ or ‘delete’ to each user by the super-user. AccSoft accounting incorporates high security in its system.

  • Unlimited groups/accounts – AccSoft provides the user with information on the total number of groups/accounts created by the user in the accounts tree. This is very helpful as an audit trial tool.

  • Cheque Printing – AccSoft provides a way by which the user can print cheques of various banks as per their format. Customizing the layout of the cheque depending on various banks can be easily done using MS-word. This gives a good image for your company while saving laborious hand writing of cheques and time as well!!!

  • Multi – currencyAccSoft offers true multi-currency options. Each company in AccSoft can have its own base currency. Each account can also be maintained in any currency. Transactions can be entered in any currency with different exchange rates for the same currency within a voucher. True online Multi-currency is the key feature in AccSoft. You can get detailed information of any group, sub-group, account or even the report in any currency.

  • Exhaustive accounting reports