March 18, 2017


Studio Production Management Software Solution for Advertising Ad Agencies

Studio Production Management Software Solution for Advertising Ad Agencies

MediaPro is vital for any production house. It efficiently monitors work flow and enables control of the complex day-to-day activities involved in tracking, producing and billing client jobs. Furnished below are the key highlights of MediaPro.

  • User-friendly – Menu-driven for ease of use, MediaPro efficiently monitors workflow and enables control of the complex day-to-day activity involved in tracking, producing and billing client jobs.

  • New Job Bag registration is easy A new Job bag can be registered by the traffic controller or by the Client or Production Executive. This Job bag is centrally available to all the users.

  • Analysis is critical The ability to quickly analyze costs and time spent on a job is critical to the decision-making process. It’s easy with MediaPro, since all the information is easily available for review at any time. This includes JCR (Jobs costing report), income and expense analysis, profitability and a host of MIS reporting with drag and drop and drilldown features. A snap shot query for a day-to-day reporting on jobs that are in progress (IP jobs), Client-to-revert (CTR jobs), on hold, cancelled and/or completed is provided.

  • No job is too big – Jobs are set up in one place for use by everyone. Specific phases (task scheduling) can be set up for a job, with each phase defined, including employee teams and due dates assigned to each phase. To save time, a job copy feature is available. Online queries enable you to see the status of individual phases, as well as overall jobs, at any point in the process. Status reports facilitate the management of resources.

  • Time management is a vital element. MediaPro recognizes that accurate time management is critical to a marketing communications company’s success. MediaProstreamlines the initial recording of hours against jobs for each employee by using a Task List by choosing from billable and unbillable tasks in a job. MediaPro eliminates the need for manual time sheets thereby reducing data entry errors and saving valuable time. After logging on, users merely retrieve their “personalized” electronic time sheets. The sheets display the clients, divisions, products and jobs on which the users are working. New jobs can easily be added to their “personalized” timesheets as and when new jobs become available. All entries are validated prior to acceptance, which reduces the forwarding of incorrect data into the time accounting module of MediaPro.

  • All queries and reports are available. In MediaPro, users will find a variety of financial and time-analysis reports. Supervisors can easily find answers to questions such as “How much time have my employees spent on a specific job in the last month?”. Or “What has been the Profitability on a particular Job?” Or “Show me a list of open and closed Jobs”, etc.

  • Comparing bids is simple. It’s important to compare bids to be sure you’re getting the right team at the right price. That’s easy with MediaPro. Up to three competitive bids (or any user-defined no. of bids) can be reviewed side-by-side on the same purchase order for comparison. Once you’ve made your choice, just select the approved bid and it becomes the basis for your purchase order.

  • Purchase orders and supplier invoices are easy. You can easily generate and track purchase orders. They can be emailed directly/faxed to vendors from the system and are converted to cost items for billing purposes. Over-budget surprises are minimized because an on-screen alert warns if a purchase order exceeds the original estimate. If MediaPro is integrated with AccSoft Accounting, the purchase orders so raised and approved would automatically create provisions by supplier and update the work in progress in your books of accounts.

  • Charges and expenses are tracked accurately. In MediaPro, tools are provided to accurately track expenses and charges. You can post in-house expenses for internal charges and direct expenses can be tracked for billing. Internal control is facilitated through a vouchering feature. Supplier charges can easily be matched to outstanding purchase orders for updates of A/P and G/L. Furthermore, MediaPro provides the flexibility to choose specific items for billing.

  • Multiple Estimates/Client Invoices/Purchase Orders. With MediaPro, you can make multiple estimates to a client for a particular job bag, combine multiple estimates into one and even perform an estimate confirmation after client approval so that only relevant approved estimates get into the actual costing. Initial estimates could be done by the production executive and the client markup %age comes up automatically from the master. The client servicing executive can now, decide on the markup and then send the estimate to the client. Provision is given to enter a descriptive column in Estimates and PO’s.

Further, you can also make multiple purchase orders (from approved bid of n number of bids from suppliers) and even have an approving authority to approve the purchase orders before they are sent to a supplier.

You can create as many invoices for a client at different stages of the Job. This means that you do not have to wait for the entire job to be completed in order to make a client invoice. You can make an invoice by just selecting any approved estimate while the other approved estimates could wait for invoicing at a later time as the job progresses. You could even invoice line-wise items in an estimate!! A query is provided to see opened job’s with pending Client invoices to be made or closed jobs with supplier invoices to be received and values thereof. Appropriate accounting entries are automatically generated intoAccSoft financials whereby your books are up-to-date. A versatile tool to reconcile the data between MediaSoft and AccSoft Accounting is also provided.