March 18, 2017

MediaSoft – Media Management for Ad agencies

Media Management Software Solution for Advertising Ad Agencies

Media Management Software Solution for Advertising Ad Agencies

The spirit of MediaSoft lies in its ability to be an industry specific and business oriented commercial software package designed for the advertising industry that features Media, Production and integrated Accounting modules. Furnished below are the key highlights of MediaSoft.

  • Simplifies and accelerates your media buying, selling and analysis process
    MediaSoft efficiently monitors all advertisements (space and air) and enables control of the complex day-to-day activities involved in planning, scheduling, tracking and billing clients for all campaigns, events and PR.
  • Media Plans / Estimates – to cover a whole campaign
    You can make any number of plans (estimates) to a client. Estimates are Media plans with fixed number of weekly frequencies (number of spots or insertions), but they do not require fixed dates. Once the user enters the buying values, the selling values are copied automatically and you can further modify the selling rates. However, MediaSoft intelligently applies the last rates used for the client – media vehicle – program/position combination so that you do not need to look up the rate cards frequently. Provisions are also given to copy an existing plan and continue working on it as a new plan. This will save you time and effort! You could create just one media plan for a client-brand-market combination for a full year by progressively updating your plans based on the clients advertising spends budget. Furthermore, one can buy or sell spots/ ads for FREE (zero values) as well and thereby determine the value of the free ads based on the rate cards or on negotiated rates. Additionally, you can run a campaign for single market or across markets wherein the appropriate media vehicles would be available for selection. A comprehensive multi currency feature is also available whereby the user can create a plan in one currency and send booking (release) orders in the respective currencies of the media vehicles pertaining to their markets.
  • Media Schedule,Revised Schedule, Schedule Amendment
    Schedules are an integral part of the system. All documents, controls, queries and reports are based on the media schedule. A fresh schedule can be made directly or could be called from a plan. Furthermore, a schedule can be made for a period of 12 months while client invoicing could be done on a monthly basis or even on an ad by ad basis!!!!
  • Rate Cards and automated costing
    MediaSoft has got three different rate cards:
  1. A) Media Vehicle Rate Card – the published rate card of the media vehicle.
    B) Agency Rate Card – the rate card of the agency obtained after negotiations with the media vehicle.
    C) The Client Rate Card – The rate card offered/committed to the client by the agency.

In all the above mentioned cases, MediaSoft has got provisions to accept the rate card as keyed-in data. Alternatively, the user can attach the rate cards files like Excel, Word, Text or even web page links, to their respective masters. MediaSoftkeeps track of the historical rate cards data as well.

MediaSoft scores very well on the costing module. The user can change the buying/selling rates, additions, deductions, taxes and Agency fee and examine the results on the screen instantly. The user can also look up the rate cards for a particular vehicle and/or client while creating a plan/schedule itself.

  • Booking/Release orders
    Booking orders can be automatically released from the schedules. What’s more, one can even release Booking orders partially, i.e. only for selected vehicles in a particular schedule or even for desired frequencies (number of spots/insertions) from within the schedule. That is a single booking order can contain insertions ranging from a day to a whole year. These booking orders can be send to the media vehicles as email attachments as well. MediaSoft automatically checks for consistency between the plan and schedule before the booking order can be raised or amended. IfMediaSoft is integrated with AccSoft Accounting, the booking orders so raised would automatically create provisions by media vehicle, by insertion date in your books of accounts.
  • Booking order amendments and cancellation
    Subject to conditions, all booking orders can be amended or cancelled whereby the corresponding schedule lines will be updated automatically. The highlights of such amendments would be reflected in the report as revised or cancelled booking orders with changes shown in bold font. Appropriate accounting entries are automatically generated into AccSoft financials whereby your books are up-to-date.
  • Certification of Ad’s is easy.
    The user can certify every spot/insertion that has been released by the agency. You could search by insertion dates, media vehicle, client, brand, etc. and do the certification of ads with remarks/reason. Third party screening information can be integrated for automatic certification.
  • Single/multiple client invoices
    A single or multiple client invoices can be made from a schedule subject to the spots being certified. However, a Performa invoice could be made in the interim till the spots get certified. Once a client is invoiced, appropriate accounting entries are passed automatically into AccSoft Accounting. For principal/subsidiary client campaigns, proportional invoicing (split invoicing) based on predefined percentage splits and currency rates specified in the plan.
  • Supplier inwards invoices
    With MediaSoft, supplier invoice accounting is a breeze. MediaSoft will automatically match the supplier invoice received against the booking orders that were raised against the supplier for booked insertions and value. This would further generate accounting entries into AccSoft Accounting and knock off the provisions made earlier. This matching can be done only for certified insertions/spots.
  • Powerful queries and MIS – a click away
    MediaSoft provides strong analysis tools thanks to the robust and structured database design. Powerful queries on all transactions, summary of plans, schedules, booking orders, client and supplier invoices and media diary to see the status of daily, weekly and monthly ad’s. MIS drag and drop reporting will enable you to analyze the information on business volumes, spends, free spot valuation and profitability in any combinations of company, client, media, brand, media channel, media vehicle, etc. A versatile tool to reconcile the data between MediaSoft and AccSoft Accounting is also provided.