March 26, 2017

TDMS – Trade Deal Management Systems

  1. TDMS – Trade Deal Management Systems
Trade Deal Management Software Solution

Trade Deal Management Software Solution

Trade Deal Management System (TDMS), as the name indicates is to help to generate, approve, track and settle trade deals based on cost comparisons to Budgets and as a percentage to spends of the sales value, by product category, by customer category ( Key accounts, DD, Horeca etc), by customer and eventually by SKU. You will also be able to see your trade deal spends by Expenditure types (EC Types – e.g. Display, cooler, foc, listing fee etc) It will also read the COGS, the selling and distribution expenses and apportion this by SKU, thereby enabling the corporate to see the profitability by all segments mentioned above in real-time mode. The solution is multi-company, multi-currency, multi-user and multi-site.

The Workflow Process

  1. Corporate budgets are prepared for Trade deals by product category, and by EC(Expense commitment) type if possible.
  2. Based on document templates, the regional sales force (LM,BM)/secretaries will raise the TD(Trade Deal) agreement for approval by the NSM(National Sales Management). This is auto-numbered by region/sites and by activity.
  3. The NSM, based on budgets available will approve the TD agreements. The sales force will now take a print copy of the TD for the customers’ signature and send the same to corporate for records.
  4. Corporate will then approve such TD’s (already approved by the NSM) which will create provisions for later settlement of Credit Notes.
  5. Based on the frequency of settlements as mentioned in the TD periods, the Credit Notes (or, Debit Notes in certain cases as discussed for value regularization ) will be raised by the corporate.
  6. Exhaustive MIS reporting including graphical representations for the Chairman/CEO will be provided based on TD values and also all other relevant values. All other detailed analysis for various personnel at different role levels will also be available.